How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener

Are you going to throw a party? And you forgot to arrange your can opener? You need not worry. Here we have brought you some simple steps to tell you how to open a can without a can opener. 

Can openers be really important if you are arranging for a party? But what if we tell you the trick of how to open a can without a can opener? You can not afford to spoil a party mood just because you do not have a can opener. 

Here Solving Daily will give you ideas and new techniques that you can use to open your can without a can opener. Not only young adults but our solution to how to open a can without a can opener will also help everyone to open a can easily. 

How to open a can without a can opener or with a pocket knife?

Without telling you anything irrelevant, we would like to tell you how to open a can without a can opener. But we will tell you how to use a pocket knife to open a can in some simple steps. 

Step 1: Place the can on a flat surface

Firstly place the can on a table or any flat surface. The surface or the table on which you will keep the can must be up to the height of your waist. You can use any surface which will help you to access the surface easily. 

Step 2: Place the knife in the correct position


Hold the knife straight and place it on the inner side of the lid of the can. Hold the knife vertically not in an angular manner. Make sure that you hold the handle of the knife so that your fingers are not near the blade of the knife. Make sure that the lid of the knife gets locked in the lid somewhere. 

Step 3: Smak the knife lightly 

While you strongly grip the back of the knife using one hand on the can lid. You can use the other hand to slowly and lightly smack your hand which is holding the knife. The gentle way of smacking will make the whole in the can. 

But keep in mind, do not smack very hard, you might lose the grip of the knife. Do not make fists to smack, you must use the palm of your hand to smack the other hand. 

Step 4: Repeat Step 2 and 3 

After making a hole in one portion of the lid, take out the knife and place it little away from where the hole has been created. Place it in a distance and make new holes and repeat this process of the lid several times. 

Puncture the can lid along the circular brim and then put in the knife and finally pull the lid with little pressure. When the punctures are done on the lid, the lid becomes light and it will help you to get off the lid easily. 

How to open a can without a can opener or with a spoon?

Like a pocket knife, a spoon is another substitute to the can opener. The steps of opening the can be using a spoon is quite similar to the pocket knife steps. But there are some specifications which one must follow while using a spoon. 

Step 1: Hold the can firmly

how to open a can

While you use a spoon to open a can, you must hold the can firmly with the other hand so that it does not slip away. 

Step 2: Place the spoon in the inner edge of the can lid

how to open a can

The lid of the can has a small raised up portion that holds the can closed tightly. Hold the spoon by the handle such that the bowl portion of the spoon faces the can. You will have to use a metal spoon, no other material spoon would be helpful for this purpose. 

Step 3: Move the spoon back and forth immediately

Use the spoon on the upper portion of the can from where the lid is raised up.  Rubbing the spoon back and forth creates friction, which makes the lid thin. Keep rubbing the lid which will lose the lid from the can. 


Step 4: Repeat the same step over and again

how to open a can

Step 3 will be repeated over and again, in a little away space. This will make the lid come out little from all over the lid of the can. Following a circular line on the can will help you to take out the lid in a circular motion. 

Step 5: Pry the Lid

how to open a can

Dig the lid and place the spoon under the lid. Pry the lid upwards until and try to push it outward. Carefully and slowly lift the lid upwards to reveal the food inside the can. If you think that prying the milk with a spoon is difficult then you can use a knife to pry it. The cutout portion of the lid will be sharp so be careful while removing it. Keep your fingers away from the sharp edge of the lid.

Wrapping up

Solving Daily has brought you the solution of how to open a can without a can opener. We have given you two alternative ways and you can choose what you like. Your party will not stop just because you do not have a can opener. You can open a can with any alternative that you want.

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