How to Eat Jackfruit – Some Ways to Eat Jackfruit

The large prickly fruit is called jackfruit, it grows in tropical and subtropical areas or climate. This jackfruit will be available in India and Bangladesh majorly. But not everyone knows how to eat jackfruit successfully. 

SolvingBee will explain to you how to eat jackfruit and how to make your favorite recipe of jackfruit. Try out the recipe and if you like it then comment on our comment sections. 

How to Eat Jack Fruit – Eat Raw Jackfruit

Jackfruit is a fruit which is sometimes consumed as a fruit or sometimes as a dish. Here we will show you or tell you how to eat jackfruit raw. You may not know that jackfruit can be eaten raw so SolvingBee will bring you the steps. We will give you the steps to eat jackfruit. 

Step 1: Cut the raw jackfruit

You might love to eat raw jackfruit, so here we will tell you how to cut and eat a raw jackfruit. Even if you know or not there is a technique to cut the jackfruit and it has to be followed properly. You will need a chef’s knife to cut the jackfruit.  

Step 2: Hold the jackfruit properly 

Cut the jackfruit and turn the fruit upside nice, you need to hold the fruit with full grip. The segments of the jackfruit will become very evident after cutting it into half. You will have to grab the fruits and pull it out from the jackfruit body. Tear this segment of the fruit and take out the seed from it. Repeat the same process and take out all the seeds from the jackfruit.

Step 3: Jackfruit cooking techniques 

If you do not know what jackfruits taste like, then let us explain how the jackfruit tastes like. The flavor of jackfruit is a mixture of the flavors of some other fruits. We can say that jackfruit flavor is a mixture of mango, banana, and pineapple. The actual portion of the jackfruit which is edible that is soft and edible. This portion also protects the seed from outside hence jackfruit tastes amazingly different. You can cook them or precook the jackfruit by boiling the jackfruit. Once the fruit becomes soft, you can use it as a vegan fruit. 

Step 4: Roast the seeds of the jackfruit 

how to eat jackfruit

You may not know but jackfruit seeds can also be consumed, so you can roast the seed and eat it. If you roast the seed then you will have a smoky flavor or the jackfruit. If you do not have a charcoal grill then you can heat up the iron-pan and roast the seeds in it. 

How to Eat Jackfruit – In Different Recipies

The fruit seed of jackfruit and also the pulp of the food can be used in different fruit recipes. Here we will discuss how to eat jackfruit in different types of recipes. 

Step 1:Make spicy jackfruit salad

how to eat jackfruit

If you are looking for a healthy breakfast then you can make the spicy jackfruit. You can add red and green chilies in jackfruit salad, you can also add scallions and other seasonings. Get green jackfruit water, and cook everything in low flame for 4-5 minutes. 

Step 2: Mix all the vegetables

how to eat jackfruit

You can use some butter to saute your red chilies and the gloves in a pan. Put the scallions and saute it for 5-6 minutes and then add the vegetables and saute it well. Add some fish sauce in the jackfruit, in the pot which is on the flame. 

Step 3: Jackfruit gives the feel of meat cooked

You can prepare the jackfruit as you wish and make it a meat-like recipe. You can use cooked jackfruit in any food like a slice of meat. You can use the meat in the sandwich or with rice and wheat. 

Step 4: Other jackfruit recipes

how to eat jackfruit

Apart from having jackfruit as a salad or as a lump of meat in the sandwich, you can also use jackfruit as a veg dish, you just need to add some beans with some lemon juice or mustard sauce and eat it as a veg dish. 

Wrapping up

Like other articles, we have also brought you up a solution to how to eat jackfruit. Many of us are not aware of how to eat jackfruit because it is a complex kind of fruit. If you liked this then read the other how-to problems to get solutions.

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