How to Eat Crawfish – Eat Boiled Crawfish Like a Pro

Crawfish often seem to be difficult to eat crawfish but now we will tell you easy steps to eat it. We will discuss how to eat crawfish after boiling it well. Crawfish is easy to eat so SolvingDaily wants to let you know how to eat crawfish after boiling it simply. 

Here we will tell you how to eat crawfish after boiling or you can make simple dishes of crawfish. SolvingDaily will present you with some steps following which you will be able to eat crawfish easily. 

How to eat Crawfish Boiled

While there are some tasty, delicious, easy to cook Crawfish recipes, most people like the boiled crawfish.  Here we will first tell you how to eat crawfish just boiled. You do not have to add any spices or salts or sauces to cook crawfish. You can just boil it and have it, follow the steps given below to know how to eat crawfish. 

Step 1: Remove the head

how to eat crawfish

You need to pinch the head between the two fingers of one hand. You will also have to hold the tail with the other hand. Twist the head properly so that it comes off easily. 

Step 2: Start with the head of the crawfish

If you want to know how to eat crawfish then place the open part of the crawfish, in between the lips. You need to suck out the juice of the crawfish. The Southern United States considers this part of the crawfish very tasty. 

Step 3: You need to crack the shell of the tail

how to eat crawfish

You will see that the tail of the crawfish is covered with a shell. You need to pinch that shell, wit your fingers to remove it. After removing the shell, you must throw it. 

Step 4: Break or tear apart the crawfish

You must hold the crawfish from the tail and try to peel off the skin. The digestive tract of the crawfish will appear, you need to discard it. 

Step 5: Consume the tail part

how to eat crawfish

It is found that most people like the tail portion of the crawfish. It can be eaten then and there or it can be used to make other crawfish recipes. Crawfish pizza is one of the most popular food in the south. 

Step 6: The claws have enough to such

You will find most of the crawfish have small claws, the best thing is you can crack them easily. Once you are able to crack the claws, you can suck them and get the juice and meat. There are larger crawfish that have large claws which of course have more meat and juice. 

How to Eat Crawfish in a Host of Boiled Crawfish

If you are a crawfish lover and you know of many people who love crawfish then why not host a crawfish meal. You can simply arrange for a crawfish host in the garden of your house and invite your family and friends to be a part of it. Here we will tell you how to eat crawfish in a host. 

Step 1: Invite your family and friends 

Make a plan to host your boiled crawfish event in your backyard or any park near your house. You can have fun outside with crawfish and your family and friends. Crawfish boiled make outdoor parties fun and exciting. 

Step 2: Order crawfish as required

You need to first decide how many will be attending the party and depending on the size of the party you will have to place an order for crawfish. You will need 20- 30 pounds of crawfish, most of the parts of crawfish are wasted. You need to order more amount of crawfish. 

Step 3: Wash the crawfish and drain the water 

Put the crawfish in a large tumbler and pour water in it. Stir the water with a spatula and clean the crawfish and throw the water. Rinse the crawfish more than once. 

Step 4: Put a pot of 60 gallons on fire

Fill half of the gallon with water, bring the water to the boiling point. Add 8 lemon juice, and the lemon peels in the water. Then add the crawfish in the water, to add extra seasoning in it. 

Step 5: Bring the water into a rolling point

After bringing the water to a rolling point, add some ingredients in it. You can add onions peeled, add potatoes into it, add corns in the pot along with some garlic. 

Step 6: Boil it again 

After adding all the ingredients bring the water back to a boiling point. Put the crawfish in a strainer and drain out all the water from it. Put the strainer back into a pot containing boiled water. Turn off the flame and let it cook in the steam for 30 mins. 

Step 7: Serve it hot 

Strain the crawfish from water, add some seasoning and lime juice and some boiled vegetables on it. Serve it in a tray on the table and keep some extra plates and spoons and tissues aside. 

Wrapping up!

Crawfish is easily available and this recipe is famous, try it out at the earliest. If you like our solution to how to eat crawfish then read the other blogs too.

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