How to Hypnotize Someone – Easy Techniques to Hypnotize

SolvingDaily brings you all the solutions to your problem. Here is another most commonly asked question, how to hypnotize someone. Now hypnotizing is a trick that you can master only after extensive practices. 

Some people willingly go through the process of hypnotizing and some are made to go through without their knowledge. SolvingDaily has found out that hypnotizing is fun for many, so here we decided to bring easy ways to tell you how to hypnotize someone. 

But even if we tell you the tricks to hypnotize, know one thing that you will not be able to hypnotize anyone unless the person himself self-hypnotizes. 

We do not mean to bring you fake information in fact SolvingDaily tries to remove some of the misconceptions that you might have. For many hypnoses is a crime and it is controlling one’s mind but many do not know the true meaning of it. When you mean to hypnotize, you must know that you are helping a person to relax his mind. 

Hypnotism tries to make a person fall into a trace-state, or if we say waking-sleep. This means that the person is awake but mentally slept. Here we will guide you on how to be a participant in this mechanism. 

How to Hypnotize Someone Easily?

The first step to hypnotize a person is to make the person mentally ready, given below are the steps which you can follow in you want to hypnotize successfully. We will try to explain to you in steps, follow the steps to understand better. 

Step 1: Find a suitable candidate

It is not a big deal to hypnotize someone who does not want to be but finding a candidate who would willing to be hypnotized. If you are a beginner then you must take all the fun, choose a willing partner who would like to be hypnotized. Your chosen candidate must be willing to relax and go through this. 

It is great advice that you should not try hypnotizing people who already have past histories of being psychic disorder and mental disorder. Taking up this risk might lead to a dangerous result. 

Step 2: Choose the Correct Room

While hypnotizing someone, it is very important to have the correct environment for the process. This will enable your candidate to concentrate and feel safe and free from distractions. The room should be clean and dim lights must be put on, arrange for a comfortable chair to sit and avoid all the forceful distractions. The distractions like TV, clock, wing charm or any such item must be removed from the room. 

Keep your phone switched off and put off all music or any sound that might be heard by the candidate. Close all doors and windows and most importantly the room must be empty. Make sure when you are conducting this process no one comes to disturb you. 

Step 3: Make your candidate sure of what you want 

Make your subject feel free with you, do not hide anything from him. Tell him about what do you expect of this hypnoses. Most of your subjects are likely not to know about what is hypnotism. Try to explain your subject about how to hypnotize, maybe that will make him feel comfortable. 

Step 4: Make sure you know well about your subject’s goal

Make sure that your subject might not have anything unethical in mind. Talk to them and try to find out what is in their mind and how are they planning to find the result. Knowing your subject’s goal will help you to understand how can you take him to the state of trance. Ask him if he has been hypnotized later, be aware that he might know some loophole. This will help you to understand how well will you be able to hypnotize your subject. 

Step 5: Manage your tone while hypnotizing

Be sure that you talk in very low voice that does not disturb your subject. Keep your voice calm and talk with a pause. Try to drag your sentences a little longer than usual. Try to conduct yourself in a manner that you are trying to calm down your subject. 

You say things like: 

“Let my words wash over you, and take the suggestions as you desire them.”

Ask them to focus on their normal breath and then gradually shift their attention towards a deep breath. Ask them to breathe deeply after they have concentrated enough. 

Step 6: Make the Focus 

Ask your candidate or subject focus on a point, make a fixed point for them. Then gradually shift their focus to their body, ask them to sit back straight and try to relax. Make them feel relaxed, encourage them to feel relaxed if they are not. Be soothing to their ears. If you are sure they are into the trance state then guide them to walk to do some actions in that state and check how well are they doing. 

This will finally help you to understand how can you hypnotize someone without much effort.

Wrapping Up! 

You may not know that hypnotizing can also be used as a treatment. If someone is mentally stressed then you can make him feel relaxed by hypnotism. But something that can happen is that the hypnotism might not work if not done correctly. SolvingDaily has given you the best of the solutions for how to hypnotize successfully.

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