How to Stop Yawning: Top 5 Tips

Can you stop or avoid yawning? Well in the modern courteous world, yawing in the middle of a meeting or in some interactive session is supposed to be in-courteous. Well, it is nothing like that, yawing in the middle of such public affairs means that the person is either not interested in the conversation or lacks oxygen in the body. In such a situation it is very important to know how to stop yawning. 

Luckily, it does not require any regular practice to know how to stop yawning but there are some very small, quick tricks that will help you to understand how to stop yawning. Often yawning in front of many people seems disrespectful and you can cleverly sneak through such situations. 

Solving Daily always gives you easy tricks and solutions to avoid yawning. But here, we will not only say how to stop yawning, but we will also say why we yawn and some interesting facts about yawning. 

Quick Facts: How to Stop Yawning

The “Quick Facts” have been collected by SolvingDaily from various sources and we would like to share them with our readers. Given below are some of the facts framed as questions. 

Why do we yawn?

There has been several surveys and tests which have brought out some results such as: 

  • We yawn to cool down our brain
  • Often we yawn to stretch and relax it gives a special movement to our jaws, tongue, and mouth
  • Yawning helps to get rid of ear congestion while on the flight. 

Therefore, people yawn before any important event or when they are nervous, it helps them to relax and cool down the brain. 

What are the other factors related to yawning?

It might sound funny that one might be looking for hacks of how to stop yawning but it is funnier when you know yawning is contagious. Yawning is so contagious that people not only yawn when they see someone else yawning but also if they see any picture, photo, or video of yawning. It could be considered as some disorder or maybe something related to psychology or nerves.  

Now, let us see, whatever may be the case, how to stop yawning when you do not want to yawn. 

How to Stop Yawning – Top 5 Tips

Here, we will bring to you some easy tips about how to stop yawning, as we have done for how to stop sneezing. Many of our readers have liked that post and have asked for a post on how to stop yawning, here we bring it for you. 

Tip 1: Take a Deep Breath Through Your Nose

how to stop yawning


Some surveys and studies have been made already which say that taking in and out of breath can help you to stop yawning. While some have said that taking a deep breath through the nose also helps to avoid yawning. This technique acts and effects quickly and it helps to get rid of the infectious attack of yawns. 

Some researchers have made their statements saying that the most chances of showing fatigues in a person increase when the brain becomes too warm. So they suggest that when you feel that you are going to yawn, try to breathe through your nose and that will control your yawn.

Taking deep breaths also helps you to take in more oxygen inside, which helps to stop yawning. It is generally said that the lack of oxygen in mind and brain causes yawning.

Tip 2: Try to Relax

how to stop yawning

As we have already told you above that if you want to stop yawning then you need to cool your brain. In such cases, you can use a cold wet towel in your foe head to stop your yawning.

If you know that you yawn quite often then you can put towels cold and wet on your forehead, such towels are easily available.

You can also consume cold drinks and ice creams which will really help you to stop yawning. This trick has really worked on many people hence you can try this trick. But be very careful, if you are prone to coldness then no need to overdo this trick, you will fall sick.

Tip 3: Leave that Place

Our brain gets bored sitting in the same place for long, which means it shows some signs of tiresome by yawning. Often sitting in front of a laptop or computer makes you feel sleepy and causes you to yawn. In such a situation what is most required is a disruption or break which means one has to give a break to the brain. You need to then and there leave that location and go out to take some fresh air. If you have no such option then at least go out of the room where you have been sitting for so long.

Tip 4: Drink More Water

how to stop yawning

Often it is seen that we yawn when our body seems dehydrated, in such circumstances it is mandatory that one will yawn. It is very important to know how to stop yawning during this time, so drink water.

Drink some amount of water and keep a water bottle with yourself, or you can also consume some cold juice, rice water, or any other drink. Actually drinking water helps more because of the presence of O2 composition in it. 

Tip 5: Try to Do Some Yoga or Exercise

how to stop yawning

Last but not least, you must try some exercise when you feel you are sleepy or might yawn in some time. Get yourself these yoga mats and do some exercise and yoga. This will help you get rid of yawning easily.

Wrapping Up!

SolvingDaily has given you the easiest and quick tips to know how to stop yawning. But we would also like to say, it is just about your conscious, be a little conscious, you will be able to control the yawn. However, if you have liked our post on how to stop yawning then you can also check our other posts.

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