How to Stop Sneezing: Top 10 Tips

Can you stop sneezing? Yes, you can. As we have always said that Solving Daily has all solutions for you, including how to stop sneezing. You might think that it is impossible but look here we have brought all the possible tricks that will help you stop sneezing. 

Solving Daily will discuss with you how to stop sneezing and with some best tricks and tips which will help you not to sneeze. When we sneeze we react to irritants near our nose, it is also another way to abandon the germs that try to enter through your nose. 

While Solving Daily discussed with you how to stop sneezing, we will also tell you what are the factors that might cause sneezing. The factors that are dependent on sneezing are a virus, dust, dander, pollen, etc. 

How to Stop Sneezing 10 Tips for You? 

Well as we already said that there are many tricks and tips, we will discuss them all. If you want to know how to stop sneezing, you first know what causes you to sneeze or what exactly makes you sneeze. 

Tip 1: Treat Your Allergy

Firstly, you need to treat your allergies. Treating your allergy is the best way to prevent sneezing. Allergy sneeze is never one at a time, it happens a couple of times together. If you know that you sneeze because of some allergy then you should then and there treat your allergy. 

You need to first find out what triggers your allergy. Usually, in such cases, you need to consume the medicine that would help you prevent your sneeze. 

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Tip 2: Know Your Triggers

To know how to stop sneezing, you must know what triggers you to sneeze. Different people have different triggers, you just need to figure it out, what really triggers you. Some of these triggers can be found and spotted easily, some can not be figured. 

Some triggers:

  • Could be pepper powder
  • Dust
  • Spices
  • Spicy food
  • Bright light
  • Pollen
  • Perfume
  • Cold virus
  • Baking flour
  • Mold

Tip 3: Do Not Take Large Meals

It might sound funny but some people sneeze after a large meal when it seems they are full. You can prohibit this by eating small portions and not opening the mouth too wide. Most people with this problem have failed to understand the trigger of this but it actually works. 

Tip 4: Photic Sneezing can be Treated

Many of you might not be aware of but photic sneezing is the sneeze that you get when you look at some bright light. This phenomenon is not common for everyone but many have this trigger. 

You gotta avoid doing this. If you are prone to this phenomenon and you want to know how to stop sneezing then you better not look at bright lights. 

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Tip 5: Tickling the Mouth Roof

While you think that you might get a sneeze, quickly tickle the roof of your mouth and see your sneeze will be gone. Doing this several times would help you to stop sneezing from happening.   

You can Control the Problem with Some Anti Allergy pill or Intranasal Spray.

Tip 6: Avoid environmental Disaster

Some sneezing happens during hazardous weather if there is too much dust in the air,  which are the irritants in the air which cause sneezing as a result. Sometimes air rushing during bad weather might carry sand, cement, chemical coal, grain, asbestos, wood mixed in the air during hazardous weather can cause sneezing, and try to cover your nose during unfavorable weather. 

If you are already aware of this trigger then you must carry your protective gear ready with yourself whenever you go out.  

Tip 7: Blowing Your Nose

An easy quick hack, when you feel that you are going to sneeze, you can blow your nose, instead of sneezing. But in such cases make sure you have a tissue near you so that you do not have to search for one while blowing. While we recommend this to stop sneezing, we would also recommend that you must cover your face while you sneeze or blow your nose.

Tip 8: Pinching Your Nose

Another easy trick to avoid sneezing is by pinching your nose. When you know that you are going to sneeze and you pinch your nostrils, you might be able to stop the sneeze. This is a very simple, easy trick and again we may mention that technique is not applicable for everyone. 

Tip 9: Vitamin C Intake

Antihistamine is Vitamin C which also boosts immunity immensely in a human being. The citrus can be consumed as fruits, vegetables, or directly as a citrus intake or Vitamin C intake. Vitamin C can supplement various vegetables and fruits as a form of Citrus intake. 

If one starts gradually increasing the Vitamin C consumption in the diet then gradually one would be able to stop the sneezing or develop the potential immunity to resist sneezing. 

Tip 10: Chamomile Tea

Like Vitamin C, Chamomile tea also has antihistamine properties. When one feels like he/she has to avoid sneezing, it will just require a cup of chamomile tea every day to build the immunity that would help you to stop sneezing.   

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Wrapping Up

Like always Solving Bee has brought to you some of the best solutions for how to stop sneezing. We have given you the top 10 tips that would help you to stop sneezing anytime, anywhere. If you liked our solutions then you may comment below in our comment section.

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