How to Clean Cricut Mat and Make it Sticky Again

Cricut mats become dirty and dull over time. They also lose their stickiness after you use them several times. But you shouldn’t throw them away. Here you will learn different ways on how to clean Cricut mat and make it restore its stickiness again.

Although there are different types of Cricut mats available, you can clean every mat in the same ways described here. So, you don’t have to worry if your Cricut mat gets old; you can save some bucks by applying these simple cleaning methods. Here you will learn the following simple steps on how to clean Cricut mat. 

  • Remove the Debris With A Plastic Scraper
  • Wipe Away With Baby Wipes
  • Roll Over the Surface With Lint Roller
  • Wash Away With Soap and Water
  • Dry it With Natural Air
  • Apply an Adhesive Spray

Take a look at the detailed cleaning process of a Cricut mat. 

How to Clean Cricut Mat

Since cleaning your Cricut mat can reduce its stickiness, you need to use an adhesive spray. Follow the steps below to reuse an old Cricut mat. 

Step 1: Cleaning With Plastic Scraper

How to Clean Cricut Mat


A plastic scraper may come with your Cricut mat itself. If not, you can buy it separately because you need a scraper every time to clean the mat’s surface. Remove the small debris gently before proceeding with further steps. 

Step 2: Baby Wipes

Next, you need baby wipes to clean your Cricut mat. But ensure that you use baby wipes that are free from alcohol and bleaching material. When you are using baby wipes, try to wipe the mat’s surface slowly in a straight line. 

Step 3: Lint Roller

Lint roller serves two purposes. One, it can help you remove the mulish matter from the surface that doesn’t come away with the baby wipes or plastic scraper. Two, it also helps in making the surface sticky again. 

Step 4: Soap and Water

Sometimes you need to wash away the mat with soap and water. You can simply make a soap solution and soak the mat for 5-7 minutes for proper cleaning. There are other cleaning materials available in the market and online stores, you can use them as well. While using those cleaners, don’t forget to read the instructions. 

Step 5: Air Dry

Don’t pat dry the surface with a towel or tissue, or cloth; it can worsen the mat. Instead of drying it with a towel or cloth, hang it and leave it for air dry. Using cloth or tissue can result in the sticking of small bits from those materials. 

Step 6: Adhesive Spray

Now that you know how to clean Cricut mat, it’s time to make it sticky again. There are several methods you can apply to restore its stickiness. You need to purchase an adhesive spray from a retail store or online shop. Since every product is different, ensure you read the instructions before you apply them to your Cricut mat. 

Before you apply the spray or use any unconventional sticking items such as scrapbooking glue or basting spray, ensure that you secure the edges using masking tape. Next, remove any remaining stickiness before applying the spray. 

Some sprays require you to brush them gently, while others work well with a simple spray. After that, leave them for 20-25 minutes, then remove the tape from the edges. Now, your Cricut mat is clean, sticky, and ready to use.  


Apply the above steps to reuse your old Cricut mat without spending much. Even if you have never cleaned before or you don’t know how to clean Cricut mat, you can apply this procedure. After applying these methods, please let me know about the result in the comments section.

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