Step to Step Guide How to Install Elvui

Elvui is an important and new kind of interface for World of Warcraft, it enhances the gaming experience of the player. This is something the gamers and the players would understand because this is completely related to games. So we will tell you some easy techniques which will tell you how to install Elvui in a stepwise manner. Solving Daily has always tried to give you solutions that are easy to follow like, how to see delete a reddit post or how to see a deleted Reddit post. People have loved our article and reacted to it. 

Solving Daily will try to make you understand how to install Elvui in a stepwise manner here so that if you are doing it for the first time, you must not have any problem. Downloading the interface of the developer’s website is very important when you want to download an interface. Our post on “how to play minesweeper which we had published earlier has been liked by many. 

Steps to Install Elvui Easily 

There are some very easy steps to tell you how to install Elvui, Solving Daily will just tell you those because in most references you will find the most difficult ones. Here we will guide you properly to use the correct kind of method. Solving Dailyvv exclusively tries to give you the best result by giving you the most appropriate and the closest method that you can follow. 

Step 1 – Visit the official page of Elvui

how to install elvui

The first thing you need to do is Go to reach the home page of Elvui. This facility is available for all WoW members who are part of the Tukui WoW gaming community. This is very important for the new gamers who know very little about the game, because this is the basic step and can not skip this step to proceed with the rest. 

Step 2 – Download the Elvui

how to install elvui

You will find an option that says download just below the Elvui, then you will have to select the option which will help you to save the zip file on your computer. You need to navigate your mouse and reach the option which says Elvui. Zip file and double click on it to extract the contents. 

Step 3 – Open “World of Warcraft” 

how to install elvui

You will have to open the “World of Warcraft” which means using File Explorer in Windows or Finder on Mac OS X. This is easy to find, do it as soon as possible, Then you will have to click on the interface to open it and then click on the “Add Ons”. 

Step 4 – Click on the “Back Option”

Then you will have to click the option on your desktop and copy the names of the files that are visible; they are  “Elvui” and the “Elvui Config”. These are the two files that have been extracted from the zip file which has been downloaded earlier. Then you will have to paste these into the folder which you kept for “Add Ons” and this will be in your WoW folder. 

Step 5 – Launch Your Game

Then you can launch your game and go to the section where you get to see the characters. Then you will have to select the “Add Ons” options. After that, you will have to Choose the Elvui Options. After following all these steps, your game is now ready to play.  Then you will have to follow the in-game instructions, like that is the second most step you must follow. This will help you to have an excellent experience while playing games. 

Wrapping Up! 

This is to conclude that installing Elvui has been found to be a problem for many, but it could result to be the easiest thing that can be done if you follow the steps that we have given. Solving Daily is always open for discussion, you can easily get in touch with Solving Daily and try to follow the steps. If you find it a problem then you can comment in our comment section and we will get in touch with you. If you want us to write something else then you can send in requests for us.

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