How to Change Google Pay UPI Pin – Change or Reset Your UPI Pin in Tez

Solving Bee brings you with the next solution which is how to change UPI pin. Google Pay is the most convenient method of paying these days. You need not carry any purse, you just need to have your phone to pay for anything and everything.

Google Pay is very safe to use and no one apart from you can use it for any transaction. If you think that your password has been hacked then we have the solution. Here, we will tell you how to change Google Pay, UPI pin easily. It is not any rocket science to know how to change Google pay, UPI pin, or how to reset the Google Pay, UPI Pin.

SolvingDaily has brought you some very simple steps which you can follow to change your UPI pin and use it safely for any transaction.

How to Change Google Pay, UPI Pin or Reset UPI Pin

Make sure you have downloaded the authenticated version of Google Pay because there are many such fake applications in the Playstore or the iOS store. Once you have downloaded the Google Pay application, set it up properly filling your bank account details in it. Set a correct pin for your Google Pay application as well as a secured bank pin in the application.

If you have been already using the Google Pay applications and now if you want to change or reset the UPI pin, then follow the steps given below. We will discuss here in very few simple steps about how to change Google Pay, UPI Pin. The Steps of how to change Google Pay, UPI Pin remains the same for both Android and iOS phones.

Step 1: Open Google Pay or the GPay Application

Find the correct application on your phone. It looks like this,, half white and half blue. The GPay or the Google Pay application looks the same in both Android and iOS. Find this icon on your phone and click on it.

As soon as you tap on this icon, it will ask for either your thumbprint or any passcode that your phone screen follows. Apply any of the above mentioned to unlock the application.

Step 2:Open Your Profile

Once your application opens you will find a blue background in the upper half of the application, while the lower half remains white. On the top left corner of your screen, you will find your picture or your profile. Tap on that picture or profile to open your GPay account details.

Step 3:Find Your Bank Account

Once you open your profile, you will see the bank account which you have last used is selected. Tap on that option of bank accounts. If you have multiple bank accounts then you will have to find the bank for which you want to change the UPI pin. Then tap and select the required bank account.

Step 4: Tap on or Do Forgot Pin

After deciding and selecting the correct bank account, you need to click on the “More” or “…” option. You will find an option that says, “Change UPI Pin?” or you can also cheese “Forgot UPI Pin?” You can choose any of them based on your requirements or the issue that you are facing.

Step 5: Type a New UPI Pin

Then a dropbox like section will be opened to you asking for your new UPI PIN. Think twice before you decide on a pin, once you are sure, then type the new UPI pin in that section. Then go for the pin confirmation process.

Step 6: Confirm The New UPI Pin

The final step is to confirm the new pin. Once you type out the pin once again for confirmation. Then you tap on the “Confirm” button. Your new UPI pin will be set successfully.

Wrapping Up!

It is a very easy technique and Solving Bee has brought you by the quickest technique to change a Google Pay, UPI pin. Not only this, but SolvingDaily also brings you to some easiest solutions to some very difficult problems. Please comment to show your like and dislike about our post. If you have any more query then you can put it in our comment section. We will try to answer them to the best of our abilities.

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