How to Clean White Vans – Make it Shiny White

Vans look very stylish, but they often seem very difficult to be maintained. So here, we will discuss here how to clean white vans properly and keep them shiny forever.

There are many who are very passionate about their vans, here we will discuss how to clean white vans. If you are able to clean your vans properly, you will be able to use them the longest.

Here SolvingDaily will give you multiple techniques of cleaning white vans. You just need to follow the steps to clean them properly.

How to Clean White Vans by Hands

SolvingDaily gives you the best solution to any problem, here we will discuss how to clean vans by hand. Most people opt for this option because we believe that cleaning by hand helps us to clean the shoe completely. We will now give you the steps to clean your favorite pair of vans easily.

Step 1: Mix a cleansing powder or a solution


You can use any cleansing powder but mixing laundry detergent with some warm water can give you the best result of cleansing. Take two cups of warm water in a large bowl and mix ¼ cup of laundry detergent in it. You can wash both of your shoes in the same mixture but if they seem to be very dirty then you will have to make a new mixture for the second shoe.

Step 2: Keep some clean water

You will require a bowl of clean water to clean the scrubber which you will be using to clean the shoe.

Step 3: Dip the scrubber in the solution

You need to dip the scrubber in the mixture to clean the edges and the shoe properly. Use the brush or the scrubber to clean in a circular motion to clean it correctly. Rinse your scrubber in the clean water and then again dip it into the mixture and then clean it again.

Step 4: Use an old toothbrush for the rubber section

The rubber part seems easy to clean but in fact, that part has the most amount of dirt stuck to it.  The normal scrubber will not be enough to help you clean that portion. You will need something stiffer to clean the rubber portion of your shoe.

Step 5: Clean the vans with  wet clothes

Using a wet cloth will help you to clean the vans, this will help you to clean the soap residue on the shoe or the left dirt on the shoe. Check out your shoe properly to see if you are happy with the color of the shoe.

Step 6: Stuff some newspaper

After cleaning the shoe put some newspaper inside the shoe then let it dry under sunlight. Keep them in the dry place and let it dry for a day.

How to Clean White Vans in Washing Machine

As we explained in the above section how to clean white vans by hand, now we will discuss how to clean vans in the washing machine. Cleaning vans in the washing machine is also easy. Here we will give you some steps on how to clean white vans in the washing machine quickly.

Step 1: Remove the laces

Washing canvas in the washing machine, if they are covered with mud. Talk out the laces from the shoe which will help to clean the show in a better way.

Step 2: Put the vans in a pillow cover

It is a great idea to put the shoes inside a pillow-cover will help you avoid the shoe from beating to the inner wall of the washing machine. Make sure that the shoe is tied in the pillow cover tightly so that while cleaning in the washing machine, it is not separated.

Step 3: Wash the shoe in warm water with gentle cycle

The above-mentioned criteria are enough to clean your shoe properly. This will also not damage your vans, but it is not mandatory to use hot water. Extreme hot water might damage the cloth of the vans, it will not help you to clean anything extra. Very hot water can spoil the glue material.

Step 4: Let them dry

After washing the shoe, take it out from the machine and stuff some newspaper into it. Then put the shoe into the sunlight and let it dry. Keep checking the shoe and take it inside when the shoe is dry.

Wrapping Up!

While we tell you about the ways you can clean your vans, you must also know that the detergent also means quite a lot. You must use some better detergent powder which will make your effortless. Using too cheap detergent can again spoil the quality of your vans.

If you liked the techniques that we explained to you about how to clean white vans then read about more how-to problems here. SolvingDaily brings you a solution to all how-to problems easily.

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