How to Clean a Leather Jacket and Make it Shine Again

A quality leather jacket never enthusiastically goes out of style. To keep your jacket in good condition, however, you’ll have to be careful about the material. Unlike other types of clothing, you won’t be able to pop your leather jacket in the weekly wash machine since this can make it wither, crack, and warp. So, do you want to know how to clean a leather jacket without damaging it? Continue reading. 

Here you will learn two simple ways on how to clean a leather jacket step-by-step. Apart from that, you will also know some easy leather jacket maintenance tips. 

Method 1: Using Leather Cleaner

In this method, you need to purchase leather cleansers that are available in the market. Go through the steps on how to clean a leather jacket using a leather cleanser. 

Step 1: Purchase a specialty leather cleaner

How to Clean a Leather Jacket


These contain ingredients that scrub away dirt and stains and oils that help make pliable the leather and keep it healthy. You can usually find leather cleaners at superstores, along with any place that specializes in leather. 

Step 2: Apply the leather cleaner to the jacket


Squirt a dime-sized glob of leather cleaning solution onto the dirty amount of the jacket. You will find different types of leather cleansers; sprays, bars, gels, etc. If you’re using any of these other kinds, always start with a minimal expanse of cleaner and apply more as 

Step 3: Rub the cleaning solution into the leather

Take a soft, clean towel and massage the elephant hide cleaner into the surface of the jacket. As you work the cleaner in, it will collect dirt and remove water spots that drink set into the leather.

Step 4: Remove excess solution 

Use a separate towel to wipe off any domestic leatherworker remaining on the jacket. Afterwards, your jacket will look fresh, and the leather will be soothed and protected, keeping it in good shape for months.

Method 2: Using Soap Solution 

In this method, you will learn how to clean a leather jacket using soap solution. Follow the steps below. 

Step 1: Mix up a mild soap solution

Take a few ounces of lukewarm water in a bucket or a small open-container. Now, add some liquid solution like dishwashing liquid or detergent. Stir them until the liquid gets completely dissolved in the warm water.   

Step 2: Wipe down the outside of the jacket 

Run the damp towel or sponge in long, smooth nods rather than forcefully scrubbing. Pay particular attention to water spots, bruised patches and places where dirt or oil have built upon the leather. Clean the entire jacket, re-wetting the guest towel when needed.

Bonus Tips For Long Lasting

I have explained two simple methods on how to clean a leather jacket. However, here are some maintenance tips that you should keep in mind to keep your leather jacket in good condition. 

  • Follow the instructions from the manufacturer: Check out the instruction on the label inside the jacket. The manufacturer will have provided specifications according to the leather’s type and grain and any essential forewarnings. 
  • Waterproofing to your jacket: This seals the apertures in the leather. Water will bead and roll off the leather, and the jacket will be not as good as for wear. 
  • Treat your jacket with leather conditioners: Once a year or so, apply a leather conditioning emulsion to the entire outer surface of your jacket. 
  • Tips for soft or textured leather jackets: To avoid damaging them, do not clean jackets made of soft or textured leathers like ham or suede at home. So, you should give it to a professional expert who can clean the leather jacket for you. You won’t have to worry approximately tearing or shrinking the leather.
  • Store your jacket correctly: Keep your jacket put out or draped on a hanger when you’re not wearing it. Could you put it in a cool, dry place? Clean and complaint the jacket once a year. As long as you take good care of your leather jacket, it will stay in top condition for years and years and could even outlast you.  
The Bottom Line

Hopefully, the above information has helped you to learn how to clean a leather jacket without damaging it and make it shine again. As mentioned above, follow the manufacturer’s instructions and take proper care for long lasting and keep it in good condition.

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