How to Play Minesweeper Like a Pro Player

All 90’s kids are well aware of the Minesweeper game. This game used to come pre-installed in the computers earlier. However, the passion for minesweeper is still there and you can download the game to play. Here SolvingDaily will explain to you how to play Minesweeper like an expert.

Many do not understand the game at all but they keep on playing just because they like to play it. Here we will guide you on how you can play minesweeper like an expert. You can buy the Minesweeper game from the windows 10 store for free.

Here Solving Daily will let you know how to play Minesweeper like a pro easily. But you will have to follow the steps mentioned below.

How to Play Minesweeper like a Pro Follow the Steps 

It is actually very easy to play Minesweeper but remembers there are 3 important steps of learning how to play minesweeper.

Part 1 – Knowing the Minesweeper Mechanics

Part 2 – Download Minesweeper

Part 3 – Play Minesweeper like a pro

Follow Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3 to play minesweeper like a pro.

Part 1 – Knowing the Minesweeper Mechanics

Before you download the Minesweeper game, you must know exactly this game is played. So here we will show in a few steps how to play Minesweeper like a pro.

Step 1- Have a clear understanding of Minesweeper

You will have to know that every minesweeper game starts with some unmarked boxes or squares. If you click one of those boxes, some of the boxes will disappear, some will have some numbers, while some others will remain blank.

Make sure the empty boxes are safe to use, so please do not tap on any of the numbered boxes.

Step 2 – Use the left and right buttons of the mouse

You will just require your mouse to play minesweeper. The left click is used to click on the boxes which do not click the empty squares while the right-click is used to click on the flagged ones.

In the higher level of the game, you will be able to mark boxes that contain mines.

Step 3 – You first step will never be wrong

Remember that the first click you will click will never go wrong. You will never have mins beneath your first lot. Your first click will clear some of the boxes which do not contain mines.

Step 4 – Know the meaning of the number

When you know the meaning of the number that appears while you play the minesweeper. You will know how to play minesweeper. If, suppose you click on a square and the number 1 which means that there is one mine attached or near that square.

Part 2- Download Minesweeper

Here we will again discuss how to play minesweeper but first, you will have to follow the following steps,

Step 1- Open the windows

How to Play Minesweeper

Click on the Windows logo from the left-hand corner of the screen.

Step 2 – Type Store


You must be aware of the search box in the windows, type store in the search box. This will help you to find out about the Microsoft store.

Step 3 – Click to open the Microsoft store

Open the Microsoft Store, the search result will appear on the upper side of the window.

Step 4 – Search Bar

The search bar is present on the top-right corner on the Microsoft Window. A drop down will come out and you can click on the name of the option.

Step 5 – Click on Get

The Get button is blue in color which comes below “Microsoft Minesweeper”. If you click on the “Get” button then you will be able to download the application.

Part 3 – Play Minesweeper like a Pro

Well, now we will discuss how to play Minesweeper like a pro. Now that you have downloaded the game, you are ready to play. Now play like an expert in this video game.

Step 1 – Open Minesweeper

Click the launch option, Click the start button to Open.

Then click the green Minesweeper option.

Step 2 – Select the Level

There are many levels of this Minesweeper game, so let us discuss all the levels. Then select the correct level of the game.

Easy 9×9 – A nine-by-nine grid with 10 mines.

Medium 16×16 – A sixteen-by-sixteen grid with 40 mines.

Expert 30×16 – A thirty-by-sixteen grid with 99 mines.

Custom – Set your own game parameters, including the grid size, number of mines, and so on.

Step 3 – Click on any square.

After choosing a correct level then start the game and click on any of the boxes. This will start the game for you.

Step 4 – Review all the numbers carefully

As explained earlier, now you know that if there is any number in any box or any flag in any box. Review them carefully now.

Step 5 – Click on the Board and Clear it

Then start clicking on each of the boxes and find out either a number or a flag. Now it will help you to find out the way and play well. If you want to win in this game then you will have to click on the boxes which do not have mine under the boxes.

Wrapping Up

Solving Daily has tried to explain to you easily how to play Minesweeper like a pro. We hope this will help you to be a pro and if you liked this article then read the other SolvingDaily articles about all the how-to problems.

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