How to Delete Reddit Post Permanently

Well, we believe that you are well aware of how to work in Reddit but as we have mentioned in another post that it is possible to see deleted posts. While we have shown you how to see Reddit deleted posts, here we will show how to delete Reddit post permanently.

Solving Daily always promises to give you the best of the solution and like always. Even today we have the solution to your trick that you will not be able to recover your old posts once deleted.

Well if you have made errors while writing, then you don’t need to know how to delete Reddit post. You can simply click on the edit option and make the changes. But you want to remove everything that has been written then you will have to delete the Reddit post.

How to Delete Reddit Post – Once and for All

SolvingDaily has brought you to the best of the facility to give solutions to you regarding Reddit posts. We will tell you how to delete Reddit posts permanently with some very easy tricks and steps.

1. Click on the Reddit homepage on your browser

Open your browser and search for which will open the homepage on your browser.

2. Click on your profile

You will see your profile on the right-hand top corner of the Reddit homepage. Click on your profile. Once you click on the profile option you will see all your activities related to Reddit posts.

3. Click on Post tab or options

After you open your profile, click on the “Posts” tab to find out what all you have posted. Now there could be two ways, either you would want to delete a single post or you may wish to delete multiple posts.

4. Click on to delete a single post

You will be able to view each of your posts and to delete a single post, you will find “…” this option. You can click on it and a dropdown list will appear below it. Click on the “Delete” option.

5. Click on Confirmation Tab

how to delete reddit post

After you click on the delete option, you will get a confirmation tab with options asking if you are sure that you want to delete it. Then click the “OK” button to further delete the delete Reddit posts completely once and forever.

Wrapping Up!

We hope that this post will help you to delete your Reddit posts permanently. You might find others posting very simple two steps for how to delete Reddit post. But here we have brought you the exact steps that have to be followed to delete a post on Reddit. If you liked our post then please do not forget to comment in our comment section below.

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