How to Start a Blog and Make Your First $1000 From Blogging

Hi! I am Zeesha and I have been into blogging for the last 3 years. Well, I know that you have come across plenty of “how to start a blog” kind of article very often. As far as I can remember till 2015 very few people knew about blogging and even lesser took it as a profession. Back then when I had started blogging, it was very occasional or it was something very average. No one ever knew about how to make money blogging easily.

No one ever thought that blogging could be monetized in the future. I was very young when I had started to blog and without any knowledge about how blogging works or what can I write on my blog. Being a beginner I had no idea about anything but I just adamant to start a blog.

However, that blog could not be continued because I was irregular at it and I had no idea about how to work on it. Hence, I decided to terminate the blog and start to learn about blogging. Well by learning here I mean I started going through the blogs of some great authors and great brands and I started to observe how do they write and what do they write.

Almost until the end of 2017, I kept on reading, observing, making plans, and ideas about execution. Towards the beginning of 2018, I started off with my first site (the name of the site can not be revealed) which got a kick start within 6 months, I started to earn from that site. Now I have all idea about how to make money with a blog and that too in very less time.

It was something miraculous for me, I had never thought that I could do this and finally today I do not have to do any 9-5 job or any part-time job for my monthly income. I sit back at home, relax with my family, and earn enough to run my life smoothly. I have also been able to make some real assets in the past 2 years, one of them is I have made up a huge apartment for myself.

However, during this crisis period, blogging is a great boom and I am here to help you. According to the World statics, 20.5 million people have already lost their jobs and many more millions are yet to lose. So, during this COVID-19 if you have also lost your job and you are looking for a secured payment for which you will not have to step outside your home then you are in the right place to look for ideas to earn.

Start Blogging! Yes, this is the correct time for you and for many more who has an internet connection and a laptop or a tab at home. The only job that is existing in this crucial time and will keep on doing well for at least the next 10 years in blogging.

Do you think you can’t do that? Well if I can, then you too can. There is no rocket science in starting a blog. All you need to do is take some correct steps before you start blogging or while you start blogging. I will guide you on how to make money blogging from today itself.

I know you must be thinking that why will you believe in me right? How am I so sure about how to make money doing a blog? Well, I will show you what I have earned in the past 2 years.

I know as a beginner even you have the same question in mind how to make money blogging. Very honestly, that is the whole idea, how to make money blogging because now the crowd will be increased. So I will give you the details of my income and also tell you further in this article that how to make money blogging.

My monthly income from Google Adsense current blog is $9.07k per month, out of which in the last 7 days I have earned almost 2k. Well if that makes you shocked then let me tell you this is just from AdSense apart from which I also have another income from affiliate marketing which adds up some bulk amount of perks to my monthly income.

You can also start blogging and I will tell you how to make money by blogging easily. After telling you about the results of my blogging and showing you how to make money blogging, nothing else is left to explain. I think I have explained to you enough about the future of blogging too now let’s get started with the process of starting a blog. Let’s know how to start a blog easily in some quick steps.

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how to start a blog How to Start A Blog – A to Z Guide Follow the Simple Steps

There are 6 very simple steps for how to start a blog that you can follow to start writing a blog. If you follow the steps very carefully then you will be able to write and set up your blog in just half an hour.

Step 1: Choose a niche
Step 2: Select a blogging platform
Step 3: Pick up a domain name
Step 4: Get a web hosting account
Step 5: Choose a WordPress theme
Step 6: Write content and promote your blog

These are the 6 simple steps that you need to follow to start up all set with your new blog.

Step 1: Choose a Niche

Blogging is a huge platform and when you choose to make money from blogging. You will have to be sure that you choose a niche on which you will be able to produce content and write for years. You can not afford to get bored of writing, never chose a niche just because your friend chose it and you think he is making a lot of profit from it. Choose a niche on which you think you will be able to write well.

Note: If you Don’t Find any Profitable Niche for your Blog Then You can Contact me I will Suggest you The Best one.

You will definitely have two questions in mind one is
What if you can’t decide on a topic?
What if someone else is already out there with the topic you choose?

The answer to both of your answers is “Be Unique”. Yes be unique and be creative. It is after all your own creativity and your mind, so you will have to make the most out of it. Make sure whatever niche you choose, it could be food, gadgets, cars, beauty, fashion, or anything else that you choose must have something unique or something more original and more creative. Try to read your competitors, know what all they exceed in, and make a plan what else could you include to exceed their popularity or fame.

Once you choose your favorite niche then you can skip to the second step which is choosing a blogging platform. If you want to know how to earn money by blogging then choosing a correct blogging platform is also necessary.

Step 2: Select a blogging platform

In technical terms, a blogging platform is also known as a CMS or Content Management System. Choosing a correct CMS is very important before you start blogging on your own. You know you have the option of choosing a free platform as well as a self-hosted platform.

Well, how are both different? Well, the free platform will give you a domain name like while if you get a self-hosted blogging platform then you will get a

Now according to several surveys, it has been seen that WordPress is so popular that it is chosen by almost 63% of the total users.

Note – If you are going to start today, then you need to decide on two things, the name of your domain and the hosting provider. If you are new to this then you must use SiteGround which is used by most of the users in digital business

I can recommend you to use SiteGround and you will get discounts on various services:

⦁ You will get a Free Domain
⦁ You will have a 30 days guarantee
⦁ $2.75 will be your offer price

Click on this link to avail of all the offers that have been mentioned above.

Free Platform
Many new bloggers thoroughly love and enjoy the presence of free platforms such as WordPress, Tumbler, Blogger, etc.

The greatest limitation of hosting your blog on a free platform is that your domain name will comprise their name too. You will also have to be a subject of their rules and regulation strictly.

If you want to make money by blogging then hosting on a free platform is really not worth it because they might not allow ads on your page which will bring in revenue for you. So if you are thinking of making money by blogging then you must avoid using free platforms.

No Problem If you are going with Free one then I will Suggest you it’s Very Easy and Powerful.

Go to Blogger.Com>Click on Create a Blog>Sign in With Your Gmail Account> And Make It

Self Hosted Platform
Self-hosted platforms have quite a few advantages and one of them is it allows you to run your site on your domain itself. There will be no intervention of anyone else except some of the rules that your host and domain have. You will be solely responsible for your blogs and everything related to your blog.

WordPress will help you to hold your own space and name with your site. WordPress will let you buy the domain name for free; you will have to just pay for the web hosting space. You will have to renew it every year. You CMS will be free for the 1st year and from the next year, you will just have to renew it.

Again there are different hosts available but there are different types of web hosts. I will explain to you all of them here and recommend the best for you and the rest you can decide what you want to do.

There are simple 6 options for you such as:
⦁ Shared Hosting
⦁ Virtual Private Server
⦁ Dedicated Server Hosting
⦁ Cloud Hosting
⦁ Managed Hosting
⦁ Colocation

Before you invest in any of this hosting, you must know well about each of these hosting properly so that you know where you should invest and how much.

Firstly you should know why is a hosting required, to which I would say that like you save your important documents in the local of your system likewise you also need to save all your important things in your hosting.

Without wasting much time, I would recommend you choose a shared web host which will help you to have almost all control over your own site and domain. Shared hosting is most commonly available for use but it is better that you take a dedicated domain for your website.

Best Web Hosts of 2020
There are many web hosting platforms but I personally like SiteGround and I also use SiteGround for hosting my sites. But there are many more such web hosts where you can host your website without any problem, check them out here.

InMotion Hosting
Host Gator
Site Ground

Step 3: Pick up a domain name

This is a very important step as your website will be known by your domain name. So it is important that you choose a correct domain name. Once you give your name, your niche will not matter as much but it is recommended that you give the name based on your niche.

Note: If you are not too sure then ask me for the suggestion

Your domain and your domain name will be yours all throughout your life, all you need to do is to keep on paying the annual $10-$20 for renewing your domain. If your customers know your domain name or the URL they need not search, they can simply type the URL and directly land up to your website.

Your domain name could be very interesting which would also explain what your site is about. For example, if I take my domain name which is “” it also easily explains to you that my domain works with various solutions. Yes! In SolvingBee we try to give solutions to all kinds of problems. If you want then you can choose a domain name from GoDaddy and GoDaddy will assist you to choose a free domain name, you can also check the availability of multiple names.

I will help you in a stepwise manner just follow my instructions,

Step 1: Go to

Go to your search engine and search for in the search option. You will have the home page of the site opened in front of you.

Step 2: Choose your Domain

After you open the home page of GoDaddy, you will see a search tab where you can look for the domain name that you are looking for. You will have to search quite a few times because your domain name might not be available, so you must have another substitute name in mind. Keep a few more names on the mind and then check for the availability of the name in the search box.

Step 3: Click on Add option

After you find the appropriate name that you were looking for, then you can add the domain name in the cart. The checking out processes is similar to any other e-commerce site, hence you have to reach the check out section.

Step 4: Click on the Check out option

After checking out, you will have to pay for your domain name, which you can either pay using debit or credit card or you can also use any online payment method which GoDaddy also accepts.

Following the simple 4 steps, you will be able to pick up a domain name, very easily.

Step 4: Get a SiteGround hosting
You can not skip this step, this is an important step for every website owner. After having everything set to use, you must have a hosting account that will help you to make necessary changes on your website.

It is very important that you choose a reliable hosting service, it will be one of the primary steps to take. If you do not choose the correct web host then it might create a lot of problems with your blog. It is like choosing to buy a gadget that has no repairing center. More than 90% of people in the digital world use Siteground to get a web hosting account.

Why Should you get a SiteGround?

No, I am not asking you to choose Site Ground just because I have chosen one. There are two reasons behind choosing a SiteGround, one is that most people choose SiteGround. Another reason is that SiteGround has the best packages available.

It has three packages namely, StartUp, GrowBig, Go Geek, and they are really considerable to use. If you do not believe me then you can visit the official page of Check the packages yourself and then decide what do you want to do.

I will give you the simple steps which you can follow to make your web hosting account quickly and start earning from your blog.

Step 1: Go to
You need to go to your browser and look for in your search engine. For more discounts you can also click here through our reference you will get more discount. Click here to go to the home page and check the packages.

Step 2: Select Your Hosting Plan
After you visit the official page of the SiteGround then you will see the 3 packages. You will find the StartUp plan, GrowBig plan, and the GrowGeek plan, out of the three if you are a beginner then I would definitely recommend you choose the StartUp plan. It is the most cost-effective plan and also gives you the maximum number of offers.

Step 3: Fill Up the necessary Details
After choosing the plan of you choice in the next step you will have to fill in the necessary details in it. You will have to fill the necessary fields like you name and all about your domain and the business. Click on the final submit button to proceed with your check out process.

Step 4: Click on Check out
After reaching the final cart, you will be able to check out by paying for the plan that you have already selected. You will have to fill in the payment details and pay through card or online payment options.

After following the above-mentioned steps you will be able to use your blog. Make sure you have your WordPress installed for setting up your Blog.

Step 5: Choose a WordPress theme

Now your blog is ready to be used but the most important thing is the look of your blog. Well, we do say that “never judge a book by its cover” but in case of blogs it is important to choose a good or rather a great theme. In practical life, the outlook of your blog should be
such that it is, first of all, relevant to your site, and second of all people feel attracted to your blog.

I have had a lot of experience dealing with the theme so I will recommend you use the best free theme in WordPress which is the GeneratePress. Most of the professionals like using GeneratePress as it gives the most stunning corporate look to the website. I will quickly give you the advantages of taking the free WordPress theme named GeneratePress.

GeneratePress helps your website to get the best theme for any niche, it has the best adaptability. The GeneratePress is 100% free but there is also the GeneratePress Premium which is most used and is loved by the users as well as the readers.

The premium of the free GeneratePress is basically a plugin which you can use to give your blogs all facility of the premium feature. There is nothing that the GeneratePress can not do, it can do almost everything that your blog would need.

There are many free themes and premium themes available in the market but I would recommend you to use the premium one which has many facilities that the free themes do not have.

Step 6: Write Content and promote your blog

Well, this must be the best part for which all of us wait patiently and do the above-mentioned steps. So finally you have your blog ready with your design and all, all you need to do is just write and let your friends and your community know about it. There are some simple tips that will help you do well in very less time, follow the steps here,

⦁ Let your friend be aware of your presence
⦁ Every time you write your blog submit it to the search engine
⦁ You can also submit your blog to some bookmarking sites
⦁ Be very active with the kind of niche you choose
⦁ You will have to be very active on social media
⦁ Be social and liberal and start commenting on other blogs
⦁ Do some guest blogging to make a community
⦁ Start advertising once your site works well

After following the tips mentioned above, very soon you will be able to earn some amount of money from the initial 3 months and then gradually you will have a lot of income from your blog. I can guarantee you that within 6 months you will start to earn some nice amount will easily compensate your 9 am to 5 pm job regularly. Nothing could be better than making money sitting at home from your own site.

Wrapping Up!
I hope I could assist you with the maximum information about how to start a blog easily following just 6 simple steps. If you follow the 6 steps religiously then you will be able to start earning from your blog within just a few months, and in the long run you will be able to earn even more.

The whole article has been furnished with the proper and most easy steps which I have done myself. Here I am in front of you with the income that I have told you already, can you imagine that without a job you will be able to earn so much that sitting at home, you will be able to earn so much.

I hope my guidance solves all your problems, but even then if you have some more query then you can comment below in our comment section. We will try to address all your queries and solve your problem.

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